Four new items in the 'Memorabilia' section. This time we've added some cardboard displays used as promotion for different Quo albums in record shops. 


Photos from the Diesel Band tour in Sweden 1991, most of them never published before, have now been added in the 'Photo Gallery'. It sure brought back a lot of fond memories to us when finding these again after so many years. Enjoy!






Some additions in the 'Poster & Super Poster Collection'. Click to see the images in larger size. We would also like to express our thanks for all the nice comments we've recieved from you guys about this new site. Rock on! 


A few more items have been added in the 'Memorabilia' category. Plus what we hope to be an improvement in the design, just click on each item to see the picture in larger size.


16 singles from the 60s and early 70s have been added in the 'Vinyl' category. Some really nice picture sleeves.


Four more additions to the 'Poster & Super Poster Collection'. Fantastic pictures from the 70s. Rarely seen, appreciated by many, so we'll keep them coming!


A greeting from former Quo-drummer Pete Kircher has been added in the 'Hello!' category.






Some mixed concert posters have been published in the 'Posters' cathegory. Also a new feature in the same cathegory, 'The Poster & Super Poster' collection. Poster was the biggest pop magazine in Sweden in the 70s and Super Poster was the German equivalent. "The magazines that covered the walls of a whole generation". Perhaps seeing all these posters again will bring back some nice memories from your own childhood/youth. Enjoy!


The first bunch of 7" vinyl singles has now been published in the 'Vinyl' cathegory. No particular order. Some rare and valuable, some just with nice picture covers in our opinion. We'll try to scan and put them on the website, a few at the time, as we dig them out from the storage boxes.






Another new cathegory. Some of the messages and greetings we've got over the years with Backwater. Take a look at Andy Bown's hilarious self portrait, "Narrow Man", for example!