Backwater Online wishes you all a Merry Christmas by adding lots of press clippings from Quo's "mayhem concert" at Gothenburg's Scandinavium arena, 7th February 1976, in the 'From The Road' category.  

'Press' category 12/21/2008

Classic 70s stuff from the vaults have been added. Press clippings from different magazines, different countries and different years. Enjoy!

Gröna Lund 1975 12/21/2008

Some nice stuff from Quo's concert at Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm, 29th May 1975, have been added in the 'From The Road' category.


A couple of promotion posters have now been added in the 'Memorabilia' category.

Malmö 1975 10/18/2008

Some nice press articles from Quo's concert in Folkets Park, Malmö, 28th May 1975 have been added. Just a click away, in the "From The Road" category. 


The first update for a litte while and hopefully you will think it was worth waiting for. A new photo set, Lancaster Bombers featuring John Coghlan on percussion, live in Sweden 1994. Most of the photos are published for the very first time. Enjoy! 

34 years ago 10/04/2008

Lots of vintage press articles etc from Quo's performance at Kungliga Tennishallen in Stockholm, 7th September 1974, have been added. One of very few concerts over the years where they actually played on borrowed instruments. Headlines like "Working class rockers breaking the sound barrier" and "Rock for the Richter scale" say it all really... Visit the 'From The Road' category and enjoy!

Promo ads 09/24/2008

A couple of nice promo ads have been added.


We've started to dig out some classic, early 70s, stuff and published it in a new category called 'From The Road'. Concert reviews and concert related articles from Quo gigs in Sweden. So, get your Swedish dictionaries out and enjoy! Also a few more 'Memorabilia' items added. 

Rossi interview 09/14/2008

An interview with Francis Rossi from Solnahallen 2001 has been added. We hope you will enjoy this one as it's never been published before. Photos from Kilafors, 15th June 2008.