A new cathegory called 'Programmes' is now published and we kick off with the 'Status Quo Official Tour Programmes Collection'. In the future there will also be a 'Festival Programmes Collection', 'Support Act Programmes Collection' and an 'Unofficial Tour Programmes Collection'. A joyful trip down memory lane is just a click away! 

Rain 07/23/2008

A second photo set has been added. This time a few pictures from the gig at Ulriksdals Slott outside Stockholm, July 14th 2007. Only a couple of minutes after Quo entered the stage it started to rain cats and dogs, making it more or less impossible to take any decent photos. Support acts were Nisse Hellberg and rock n' roll legend Chuck Berry.


A new set has been added to the Photo Gallery. 24 black/white pictures from Kilafors Herrgård where Status Quo performed Sunday June 15th, their only gig in Sweden during the summer of 2008. Support acts were the Swedish bands Bonafide and the Refreshments. Enjoy!